Letter to the Editor: Real-world approach to education troubling

To the Editor:
Sep 18, 2013

To the Editor:

Parents and students are concerned about the new Common Core standards, and rightly so. As I understand it, Common Core is a real-world approach to education that will raise expectations for high achievement. 

For example, in math students will no longer mindlessly punch numbers into a calculator and wait for the answer. Now, real-world representative word problems will be posed to our youth. Problems similar to this:

 Billy goes to school for many years and as an adult is rewarded with a good paying job. Billy does a good job and even takes on more and more responsibility. Billy works for 31 years.

One day, Billy is told to take a hike because his position has been eliminated because of money and the need to create “a lean central office with expectations of high achievement.” So, how many real-world lessons will it take for Billy (and the students answering this question) to see that education or high-achievement may never pay off if saving money in every situation becomes America’s top priority?

 Debbie Griffin

Mt. Juliet



Lets also hope that Billy never thinks subversive thoughts or advocates for students!!!


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