Letter to the Editor: The people should be allowed to vote on the health care law

To the Editor:
Oct 1, 2013

To the Editor:

I have parents who can’t afford much health care.  I understand the need for it. But you can’t force people to pay a fee for not buying it. If they had the money for the fee they could just buy cheap health care. 

Obamacare is not something this great country wants or needs. We are a democracy...let the people vote. This affects us. We should decide. They are not even willing to negotiate. That is not how this country’s founding fathers wanted this nation to be.

Summer Doughty




If your parents are old enough to retire they will have medicaid and won't need to do anything more. If not and they truly can not afford it, they will receive it free. It is the working older middle class obama doesn't care about. Those of us who have managed to to stay employed with employer based health care that will go from 100% coverage to 60% coverage with deductibles and out of pockets that will leave us bankrupt with even 1 serious illness. It's not even catastrophic insurance. It's wake up and pray today is not the day your health fails insurance!


Oh and Summer, America DOES need health care for all! No ONE should ever have to suffer or die because they can not afford medical care. BUT the rest of us should NOT have to lose ours to accomplish this and the insurance industry can NOT be trusted to put humans before profit. What we need is a single payer/public option to keep prices down and competitive, until then we are still at the mercy of insurance companies that maximize profits at human expense.


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