Letter to the Editor: Wilson concert unforgettable night for one Oklahoma couple

To the Editor:
Oct 15, 2013

To the Editor:

My wife and I attended the Gretchen Wilson concert held at the River Spirit Casino last month. My wife is the Gretchen Wilson [a Wilson County resident] fan – I am her driver. Ms. Wilson’s music is country; mixed with a female toughness that almost dares the man world to cross her or “them.” Her audience that night was easily 75 percent to 90 percent female, and each that I could see had this eagerness of expression like when a starter raises his starter’s pistol – the place was thick with an expectation that with Gretchen we could break the mold, we could be free, we could win.

The feeling was infectious, and the music that came out of the super amplifiers loud. Really loud. So loud that to be heard Ms. Wilson stayed – clearly – an octave above her normal range coming out half shout and half song. She is also a performer. A natural charmer. I should say a beautiful natural charmer.

Then, and then after belting out a song called “Crazy” she looked at the audience and said “you thought I was going to sing Patsy Kline’s “Crazy.” No, different song. But, I can sing Patsy’s song too. And then – just for a few moments – Gretchen Wilson without accompaniment dropped the uhuh attitude, the stance, and sang one verse of the Willie Nelson song “Crazy.”

It seemed like the place got quiet, but maybe it was just me. I know my beautiful wife squeezed my hand and we looked at each other in a way we thought had been lost or forgotten.

Thanks, Gretchen. Come back and see us.

George A. Shannon

Skiatook, Okla.


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