Letter to the Editor: New Leash on Life has purpose in Wilson County

To the Editor:
Oct 23, 2013

To the Editor:

I don’t usually comment on things but I am going to turn my “two cents” in on this issue. We have money for everything on earth. We spend way too much.  But, I think we need to continue to fund New Leash on Life and the senior citizens if we do nothing else.

 I live in the county, and for years we were the desperate recipients of “dumped” animals. We had cats and dogs by the dozens and had to mercifully put them out of their misery because there was no way you could take them all in.

 The last few years that has not been the case. I truly think it is due to New Leash on Life.  I think they do an excellent job and that we should continue to give them enough funds to operate successfully. 

It is a shame we even need New Leash on Life, but as long as we have irresponsible pet owners there will continue to be a need for their services.

Anne Tomlinson

Wilson County


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