Letter to the Editor: School board deserves thanks for allowing election days off

To the Editor:
Nov 13, 2013

To the Editor:

The Wilson County Election Commission thanks the Wilson County Board of Education for agreeing to close schools on each Election Day on Aug. 7 and Nov. 4 in 2014. This decision will prove to be advantageous for the schools and voters of Wilson County. In America, exercising your right to vote is an integral part of our society, and we appreciate the board recognizing its importance.

Election days are not holidays celebrated with big store sales or greeting cards, but are arguably some of the most important moments in our lives. The results of the votes cast by Wilson County voters during early voting and on Election Day determine the future of our county, state and nation.

We applaud the patriotism exhibited by the board’s decision to close schools on election days. The privilege of voting has been attacked many times in the history of our state and nation. Elected officials, like the board, continue to defend this foundation of our republic by their actions. The message sent to students, faculty and parents is that voting is important enough for schools to be closed.

There are many reasons given not to vote – “I’m too busy,” “the lines are too long,” “the ballot is confusing,” “my one vote doesn’t matter” or “it will be too crowded.” The Election Commission is working hard to eliminate these excuses by providing four early voting locations for each election, leveraging technology to make a more pleasant, efficient voting experience, and ensuring that the integrity of every vote cast is protected. Schools being closed during elections do away with one more excuse not to vote. 

For many years, the Wilson County Election Commission has been fortunate to have the board’s support for access to schools throughout the county. Having quality public buildings available for Wilson County voters has become a tradition. The central office staff, school administration, teachers and support staff have always been cooperative with the Election Commission and the voters. The ongoing cooperation between these two taxpayer-funded entities is a testament to our commitments to the county and its citizens.

We thank the board for closing schools on Election Day and for the example of patriotism and cooperation it exhibits to the students by its actions. 

Wilson County Election Commission

Mary Stimek, chairman                               

Ronnie Kelley, secretary                      

Sherrie Orange

Don Simpson                                                 

Jan Williams


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