Letter to the Editor: Stiffer penalties should come to graffiti artists

To the Editor:
Nov 26, 2013

Latino graffiti, or any other kind of graffiti, on walls and other places in Lebanon is a sign of the times. It need not be.

This activity must be nipped in the bud or it will scatter like wild fire. This is usually a sign of gang and/or drug activity.

Affected areas should be placed under surveillance and harsh penalties afforded those who break the law. If the laws aren't stringent enough, they should be changed to accommodate the problem.

There should be a stiff enough penalty to assure that the same person doesn't do it repeatedly. I would suggest a sentence of 11 months and 29 days on the Wilson County work gang, a $10,000 fine and deportation back to the country of origin. Please don't mistake my kindness for weakness.

But, before being deported, the perpetrator should be made to clean up the graffiti. The use of a toothbrush and a bucket of soapy water would be all the cleaning equipment they should be supplied with. They were able to put the graffiti on the surfaces with just a spray paint can, so they should be able to get it off with a toothbrush and water.

I would like to suggest that a reward be offered for the arrest and conviction of anyone caught defacing the property of another. With all the cameras around, it should not be too hard to find some good pictures for evidence.

These spineless punks are usually members of a gang. They want to be noticed. It is our duty as citizens of the state and county to see that they get the attention they deserve.

Hershel Butts



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