Petition should go to Gov. Bill Haslam

To the Editor:
Dec 3, 2013

I have heard the testimony of Lawrence McKinney several times, read your article in the paper and your editorial in “Our View” in the Nov. 29 paper. I agree with you whole heartily that Lawrence is being treated wrong, and his record needs to be expunged and him cleared of all charges. He has paid his debt to society that he did not owe in the first place. After all he would not have had a problem in prison if he had not been placed there wrongly and been wrongly convicted of a couple of crimes he did not commit. The DNA proved him innocent. 

Would it not be a personal and community service for your paper to start a petition and publicity to get this man what is due to him “freedom” that he so deserves? I believe a petition with many signatures to our governor and bring this situation to light might be what is needed to get Lawrence his freedom and expunge his records. He is after all an innocent man.

He has expressed many times he would like to make some mission trips abroad; however, he cannot get a passport until his record is wiped clean.  Do we not owe this innocent man the service of trying to help get him completely freed from the disservice he was served many years ago? I truly believe many people will be glad to sign a petition of this caliber.

Floyd Shannon and Carolyn J. Moser



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