Letter to the Editor: Commission should correct its mistake

To the Editor:
Jan 4, 2014

To the Editor:

I respectfully ask the Wilson County Commission correct a serious mistake made at its last meeting in 2013. The pet tax cannot be relegated so easily.

First, a simple majority of 13 votes does not cease the collection of the domestic animal tax. The commissioners’ own rules of order states, “No motion of resolution can be rescinded except by two-thirds vote of the legal membership of the commission.”

I was somewhat shocked when both the county mayor and county attorney allowed a simple majority of 13 to prevail to cease the collection of the domestic animal tax.

Second, another oversight of sufficient importance is the ignoring of the chancellor’s order, which states, “The $2 per head domestic animal tax as authorized by the said private chapter, shall otherwise begin to accrue from and after the date that this order becomes final.” Obviously, the chancellor’s order is still valid, and it has been denied.

Third, and possibly the most important, the county voted through a referendum by an overwhelming majority for this tax.

Thirteen people cannot overrule the people’s vote, a previous body of commissioners’ vote and a chancellor’s order. This is why we have rules, and these rules must be followed. Commissioners, do the right thing, correct this mistake.

The Wilson County Animal Control and New Leash on Life both do so much good for the county and were working fine together until politics got in the way. It appears there is a vendetta against New Leash on Life on a couple of people’s part.

No one can help that except the people involved who simply won’t accept facts. That’s their problem. Why waste time with pettiness when there is good leadership among the commissioners?

Please correct this mistake, because the resolution passed by only 13 votes to cease the collection of the domestic animal tax on Dec. 31 is invalid. Obviously, this is an issue, which needs to be addressed quickly since, with each passing day, revenue is being lost for New Leash on Life.

Joy Bishop



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