Letter to the Editor: Traffic light needs to be fixed, set correctly

To the Editor:
Jan 28, 2014

To the Editor:

How long does it take to fix the traffic light at the intersection of Baddour Parkway and Highway 231 North? The east/west signal hasn’t worked properly since Baddour Parkway was resurfaced months ago.

There is no reason for the eastbound traffic to get an extended green, especially when there are no vehicles in the turn lane or at the signal headed east. If the traffic-control panel was damaged during the resurfacing of the highway, then why can’t the signal be set to a standardized signal until it can be repaired? 

Allow both eastbound and westbound traffic to use a simultaneous turn signal, followed by both directions having the same green signal. 

Since the paving was done, I’ve had the experience of barely missing a green light, waiting for north/south traffic, then realizing that westbound traffic did not get a green signal. That has happened at least three times since the traffic light has begun to malfunction. Fortunately it has been a few weeks since that last happened, but it should not have happened at all. I have yet to travel through that intersection to see a need for extended green, even when I have been driving east through the light.

I have called about it, but I haven’t seen any improvement in the function of the light. 

Can’t it be corrected or manually set?

Cheryl Lewis



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