Letter to the Editor: City doesn't need to ignore its roads

To the Editor:
Mar 13, 2014

To the Editor:

In order to make Page Road safer and preserve a historic treasure, Larry Kent was forced to build a 6-feet high concrete barrier that will completely hide the wall from view. It looks like the retaining wall at a racetrack. Currently about 150 feet is completed. It is sad Mt. Juliet has ignored this death trap for so long and continues to do so forcing Larry Kent to do this.

I have lived in view of this wall for more than 30 years, and I have seen more horrific wrecks at the stone wall than you even know about. Preserve the wall? Why not fix the road and do both. This city thinks putting stops signs on Page Drive, Pascal Drive, Clearview and other unnecessary three-way locations fixes problems, but if the problem is not a  $100 fix, then ignore it.

That is what is happening on Old Lebanon Dirt Road. I have seen school buses pass head on into oncoming gas tankers where there is no shoulder. Let those two touch, and it is the city’s leaders who will answer to God for the lives they kill. To ignore it is to accept the blood as your stamp of approval. Shame on you.

Mike Smotherman

Mt. Juliet


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