Letter to the Editor: Community should be aware of the area

To the Editor:
Mar 25, 2014

To the Editor:

The road traffic conditions on Trousdale Ferry Pike between the Linwood and Alexandria exits have been extremely dangerous. Eighteen-wheel tractor-trailer trucks are trying to deliver to Starbucks on Commerce Way, off of State Route 840.  

GPS systems are routing them to N. Commerce Road in the Tuckers Crossroads community.  

Despite the efforts of the company they are trying to deliver to, and the Wilson County Road Commission, the trucks keep coming. There are signs at the interstate off-ramps telling the truckers where Starbucks is located.

There are three sets of signs at the end of North Commerce Road that say, “no 18 wheelers allowed.” Several people have been run off the road, and some have incurred minor damage.  

Many times, tow trucks have to pull them out. A historic rock wall is being destroyed by these huge trucks. People need to be aware of this situation and be extremely cautious when traveling in this area.

Penny West

Tuckers Crossroads


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