Letter to the Editor: Citizens learn true meaning of ‘To Protect and Serve’

To the Editor:
May 13, 2014

“To Protect and to Serve” is their motto, and during the past six weeks, a number of local area citizens have learned just what that means as they attended the Citizen’s Police Academy under the sponsorship of the Lebanon Police Department.  

Each week, with the able leadership of Officer P.J. Hardy, we explored different facets of the department – an overview by Chief Scott Bowen, drugs and the department drug dog, gangs, crime investigation, procedure, SWAT, traffic, communications and the Honor Guard.

If you happen to read the department’s mission statement, you’ll find words like ethics, integrity, capable and professional. Simply put, every officer who we met exemplifies those standards. 

To become a Lebanon police officer, one must be a graduate of a law enforcement academy, and continuing education is not only encouraged but expected. The department has the latest in technology and equipment and is accredited to a national standard. Chief Scott Bowen is to be congratulated regarding the team he has assembled.

As you are out and about and meet one of those familiar black-and-white units, give them a wave. Not only will you get one in return, it will most likely be accompanied by a smile. These officers are happy in their jobs. We are in good hands.

Robert Howell



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