Letter to the Editor: Recent dance recital another reason for center

To the Editor:
Jun 4, 2014

To the Editor:

In recent years, Showtyme Xtreme has been able to have their dance recital at one of the local high schools, but for some reason they were denied access this year.  

The recital this year was held at the Heydel Center at Cumberland University. The Heydel Center was way too small, even though the dance studio owner, Tammy Fuller, did her best by dividing the recital into five parts in hopes that the families of the children would be able to see their child perform.  

Parents and grandparents had to stand where they could and even sat on the floor in the aisle ways. 

Wonder how much money is lost to Davidson County because Lebanon or Wilson County does not have an event or expo center?

My point is that Lebanon is in desperate need of a venue to accommodate performances of this nature.  If Lebanon keeps waiting, I would bet that eventually Mt. Juliet will build an event center and take the business that Lebanon needs.

Jan Snider



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