Letter to the Editor: Criticism to those who couldn’t wait until graduation to conclude

To the Editor:
Jun 4, 2014

To the Editor:

Congratulations to the recent graduating class of 2014 from Lebanon High School.

To the people who attended the graduation to watch these young adults receive their diplomas and the recognition for a job well done who could not wait until the end of the ceremony, shame on you. Of course this does not apply to all of you, but to a large group of people who, when it got down in the alphabet especially around the names starting with P on down, shame on you for getting up and being so loud and leaving. It was like a mass exodus, as if the ceremony had ended.

I was so ashamed to know that these young people who worked hard did not receive the same respect as their child, whom I guess names had already been called. It was one of the rudest things I had ever seen.

So for you graduates whose name may be at the end of the alphabet, I am sorry that you did not receive the respect you deserved, and I say a special congratulations to you. I just do not understand what the big rush to leave was. The shuttles were not running, and the service was not over. Because, if you want my opinion, it should never have started without a prayer for these young people. Why was there no prayer at the beginning of the commencement?

But mostly I hope that the next graduating class will receive the respect they deserve for all the students and not just some of them. The parents whose child was at the end of the alphabet sat quietly while your student’s name was called. Could you seriously not pay them the same respect? I know I did. My child was the first one to walk the line, and so what was your excuse?

Vicki Agee



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