Letter to the Editor: Lebanon graduation goes off as planned

To the Editor:
Jun 5, 2014

To the Editor:

I was privileged to take part in Lebanon High School’s graduation Saturday evening. The weather cooperated beautifully, and everything went as planned. It could not have been any better.

There were 362 seniors who walked across the stage to receive their diplomas. Sitting there and watching the students walk across the stage brought back so many precious memories of the many graduations Don and I had attended over the past 25 years and how all of them were special in their own way.

It had rained earlier in the day, but it was perfect during graduation. The sky was beautiful; several different shades of azure blue, pink, purple, grey; the clouds formed into different shapes and we watched the sun set as the graduation ceremony began. The students in their graduation gowns made a sea of blue cross the football field, with the American flag flying in the background, made memories that these young people will carry with them all their lives.

The valedictorian and salutatorian gave inspirational speeches, encouraging the students to do their best in their lives, be good citizens, remember their school and always reach upward to meet their goals.

There were so many great happenings at Lebanon High School this past year. I was there most days, subbing, and what I saw were the students learning and the dedicated teachers working so hard, helping the students, and always going above and beyond to encourage the students in their quest for a better life and ways to make their world a better place.

A special thank you goes to Principal Myra Jane Sloan and her assistants, Darian Brown, Charles Lowery, Anna Raines and Selene Tinsley, for their hard work and dedication each day. They work so hard, making sure that everything is geared toward Lebanon High being the best and that our students will receive the education they deserve. The principals deserve our thanks for a job well done. Thank you.

This is the third year that a football scholarship in Don’s memory has been given to a deserving football player. I established this scholarship after Don’s passing almost three year ago. All three young men have been exemplary in their grades, dedication to football and to Lebanon High School.

The yearbook this year is quite unique. Advisor Key McKinney and her staff of workers did an exceptional job. It began as a puzzle, “Making the Pieces Fit.” The layout, clarity of the pictures, the colors, and of course, the beautiful young people and the many and various clubs, different sports, honors, etc. that made up the precious memories that these young people will enjoy all their lives.

This year, a poem, “Blue and White Memories,” written by my husband, Don Franklin, for his 40th high school reunion and given out to all his classmates, was included. It is a beautiful poem and depicted his feelings for his school; his love for his fellow students, football players, their beloved coach, and especially the “Blue and White.”

The last paragraph is very touching, “So thankful for the School today: indebted to it we will always be. To the Blue and White we have to repay, Alive and strong for Eternity.”

Also a page was dedicated to Kate Arnold, another avid Blue and White alumnus of 65 years, who passed away last year. The page is titled, “Count on Me,” and it depicts the love that she and her husband, Jack, had for Lebanon High School.

The yearbook ended, showing that all the pieces of the puzzle fit perfectly in the Blue Devil emblem, that “Once A Blue Devil, always a Blue Devil” and that Lebanon High School is not just another school, and our students are not just other students.

Georgia Franklin



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