Letter to the Editor: Something done right during tough situation

To the Editor:
Jun 10, 2014

To the Editor:

Earlier this year, 1 got hurt and needed assistance dealing with the situation. We first called family and friends for help. They tried to gather me up and take me to the hospital. We all realized 1 was unable to move and my pain was getting worse. At that point, we called 911.

Lt. Scott Lordcn and his team responded very quickly. We live outside of the city, but the response time was tremendous. As soon as they arrived on the scene, they quickly assessed the situation and immediately took action. 

I was treated with respect and felt they really cared about me as a person, and not just as a something they had to do.

Once I was stabilized and out of pain, the team transported me to University Medical Center. The staff working in the emergency room quickly got mc settled and saw to all of my issues. University Medical Center did a great job at being sure I was comfortable and not in pain. Doctor Petty came as soon as I was admitted to my room and began treatments.

Even though my stay was short and I am now fully recovered, I wanted to offer a sincere ‘Thank You” to our EMS here in Wilson County and everyone at UMC for helping me during my accident.

So many times we only hear about what went wrong – this is a note about what went right.

Rep. Mark Pody



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