Letter to the Editor: Speed traps are for real all across the United States

To the Editor:
Jul 31, 2014

Editor’s Note: Though the writer of the following letter also writes a weekly column that appears in The Lebanon Democrat, the views expressed in this letter are not necessarily the views of The Democrat, Lebanon Publishing Co. or its employees and contributors. 

To the Editor: 

No police jurisdiction will ever admit that there is such a thing as a speed trap. They do not like the public to believe the truth. The truth is, there are speed traps all over the United States and Canada for the sole purpose of collecting revenue for the city, county or state. To prove this to yourself you can go to speedtraps.org and click on your state and town to see exactly where the speed traps are.

It is a shame that they have stooped to that level. We have trained police officers who are out sitting behind a billboard just waiting for grandma to come down the hill into their little web. 

We have meth labs and drug problems all over the place, but let’s face it, they can’t make any money to support the department by busting a drug house. The real money comes from those who have to pay a fine for their crime. So while the meth labs and the child molesters run freely, our finest will be running radar on a lonely stretch of road trying to ruin someone’s day by writing a citation for some hard working citizen. The crack heads have no money. If they put them in jail, it will end up costing the department money instead of making money. Therefore we will constantly be bothered with this problem as long as the system runs like it has for years.

The leaders of the police departments will deny that there is any truth in what I have just said. They must save face at any cost. The public knows that something is wrong, but they are too busy working for a living to do anything but pay the fine and go about their business. Everybody who gets a speeding citation should show up in court and make them prove it. If everybody showed up in court, it would be a long time before they could get a court date. Furthermore, the cop who wrote the ticket would have to be in court, and he/she wouldn’t be able to be on the street running the speed trap.

It’s not just the cost of the ticket that makes a difference. This so-called offence will show up on your driving record. Your insurance company will oblige you by adding more to the cost of your premium. You will have less of your hard earned money to enjoy. You will have less respect for law enforcement officers until you won’t be able to trust them what so ever.

It must take a special type of person to be able to enjoy ruining the day for others. Police officers would have to be somewhat narcissistic. I have listened to them talk and they seem to know just about everything.  If they pull you over, they will prove to you that you know nothing, and they, in fact, do know everything. They can lie to you, and it is acceptable. If, however, you lie to them, you can and will be charged with a felony for telling him lie. You will be charged with interfering with an investigation. 

The best thing to say to a police officer is nothing whatsoever. Hand him your license and what ever else he asks you for. You have the right to remain silent, and it will be in your best interest to do just that. Remember to show up in court and talk with the judge.

Hershel Butts




Mr butts- Speedtraps ONLY trap speeders


I agree with you. For me, speed cameras are really irritating because you never know when a citation is going to show up in the mail. You may even need a payday loan to help pay for the citation. Typically, they want money right away or for you to show up in the courtroom, which could be really hard if you were in a different state when it happened. See more at Speed trap cameras around


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