Letter to the Editor: Firefighters come to the rescue

To the Editor:
Aug 14, 2014

Editor’s Note: The following is a letter sent recently to the Lebanon City Council and Mayor Philip Craighead regarding an heroic event by members of the Lebanon Fire Department. 

To the Editor: 

I am a member of First Baptist Church Lebanon, and I am writing in reference to an event that happened July 20. 

During our church service, there was an elderly gentleman who lost consciousness, and his condition was unknown. 

Several church members started attending to him, but it was evident we were in over our heads. 

WEMA was notified, then I and another member ran down to Station 1, where I saw Nick McCorkle and told him we had one down and needed help. 

Nick never hesitated as he went inside to tell the others, and before we could get back to the church, Lebanon Fire Department was on scene. 

Immediately there was a sense of relief from the congregation that a first responder was there and taking control. 

Joe Simms entered the church where the gentleman was now coherent. The member was brought out to the lobby where Simms made sure he was stable until WEMA arrived. 

As I walked into the lobby, I saw oxygen, an AED and other life-saving equipment that Lebanon firefighters had with them.

I understand that our building was not on fire, but the emergency that presented itself needed the fire department on this day, and they responded. Mayor, our fire department is second to none; their reaction and performance will not be forgotten. 

Thank you for allowing the firefighters to train at the highest levels, preparing them to handle these situations.

I was truly impressed. Job well done.

Mike Kurtz 

Lebanon First Baptist Church member


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