Letter to the Editor: Floyd Center needs attention, not addition

To the Editor:
Aug 28, 2014

To the Editor:

On Aug. 6, an article appeared describing how Mayor Craighead proposed the purchase of an additional building for the Floyd Center. A few days later, at a special morning meeting, the council approved setting aside $300,000 for this purpose. At the time of the first proposal, council members expressed concern for the proposal relating to the lack of research and information presented to them. And well they should have expressed concern. Why on earth would the city give more property to the Floyd Center? The center was just short of bankruptcy a few years back due to mismanagement.

Anyone who uses the center can easily see the continuing poor management. The center is in poor repair. Broken tiles around the pools, mildew in the pool area, wet carpeting in the locker room, more mold/mildew in the locker room bathroom area, just to name a few items. I would hate to see behind the snack bar. One day there was chaos when a swimmer had an apparent seizure. Our family no longer patronizes the center. I could not bring my small children there in good conscience.

And yet Mayor Craighead is moving forward to give them an entirely separate building to manage. If the money exists to purchase more square-footage, it should not be done until the current facility is repaired and refurbished to provide a clean and safe environment. A review of the staff’s performance is also probably in order considering the current setting.

Susan Hagan



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