Letter to the Editor: Funds should be spent on current Jimmy Floyd Center

To the Editor:
Sep 2, 2014

Editor’s Note: The following is a letter sent via email to Lebanon Mayor Philip Craighead concerning the Jimmy Floyd Center. At the time it was sent to The Democrat, the writer said she had received no response. 

Mr. Mayor,

I read in the paper today where you proposed purchasing the old building next to the Jimmy Floyd Center for possible future parking/and or events.  

Personally I think the money could be better spent to improve and clean up the present Floyd Center. I don’t know how often you frequent the Floyd Center, I am thinking not much since we are there most days and weekends and I have not seen you there except for the Polar Bear Plunge, but it is in dire need of repairs and cleaning.   

I am mainly speaking of the outdoor pool area and the bathrooms as we do not take advantage of other areas.

The area around the zero entry to the outdoor pool is missing tile and bricks are crumbling from the columns. It’s not very safe for little ones and definitely not very pretty to see. 
I see mold in the corners of the pool and along the sides. I did notice they are doing some minor repairs along the edge of the pool area – not sure what it is called but appears to be a bonding of some sort like the grout around a bathtub.  

The bottom at the diving well is greenish in color, several of the floats/balls on the rope are broken and that is a safety concern.

The outdoor lockers are not even worth mentioning, they are so dirty and just need to be removed, several of the doors are always hanging half open.

The bathrooms tend to get really messy at times, seems like no one ever checks them until closing time.   Most public places have someone checking them at least once an hour.

There appears to be an abundance of lifeguards “sitting around” in the lifeguard shack or playing around that could be doing some of this upkeep/cleaning.

I purchase a summer membership each year because I like to sit in the sun while my son plays/dives and throws balls with his friends, however, I do not think I would bring an out of town visitor to the Floyd Center in its present state. I have thought about going somewhere else next summer, but my son really likes the slides at Floyd Center, so it will ultimately be his choice.

Thank you for your time and I do hope you will visit and take in the sights I have mentioned above.   

I do ask that you do not delegate this to someone else in your office, please take a few minutes and go take a look for yourself.

Sherry O’Neal



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