Support United Way because it supports us

When it is needed most, the United Way of Wilson County is there. Actually, they’ve been “there” for Wilson County since 1959.
Sep 4, 2014

When it is needed most, the United Way of Wilson County is there. Actually, they’ve been “there” for Wilson County since 1959. 

Now the organization is asking for members and businesses in the community to do their part and help the United Way reach its fundraising goal.  

There is so much more to the United Way than most perceive. Every dime collected by this nonprofit goes back into the community through other agencies like Wilson Books from Birth and Cumberland Mental Health. 

In addition to siphoning donations to organizations that are striving to make the community better, the United Way has a mission of improving lives by mobilizing the caring power of community to advance the common good. Wilson County has the assurance that its local United Way will continue to strive toward this advancement. 

Locally there are many needs in this community. The United Way, through its funding of at least 30 local organizations, is at the forefront of touching and impacting those needs. Whether it’s by way of the Wilson County Civic League, or enabling Meals on Wheels to provide lunch for senior citizens, the United Way offers its support and resources. 

While there are plenty of noble and deserving agencies in the community, none of them touch more lives than the United Way and their affiliated agencies. Odds are that most who call Wilson County home, were the recipient of United Way support by one of the 30 or so agencies to which the United Way provides assistance. 

As is the case with most efforts, it takes money to make it all work. The United Way is only as successful as the donations they receive through individual and corporate donors. It’s only rational that the organization can only touch as many lives as the money they receive allows them.

Unlike some organizations who preach “sky is the limit” funding, the United Way of Wilson County is not asking for much more than they received last year. It’s important, though, that the organization meets that goal. Otherwise as funding requests continue to grow, the support given to the agencies the United Way supports could be affected. 

The United Way of Wilson County doesn’t turn anyone away. It’s important that the community doesn’t turn its back on the organization either. As the United Way sets its sights on reaching their campaign goal of $500,000, its imperative the community steps up to the plate and supports one of the most important nonprofit organizations serving Wilson County. 

The work of the United Way is essential for the betterment of this community. Wilson County would be wise to make reaching the United Way goal a priority during the next few months. Giving what one can to the United Way has always and will continue to go a long way.


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