2:00 PM Jul 24, 2015
See who got thumbs up this week.
10:00 PM Jul 23, 2015
“There are 29,000 veterans in Tennessee [between the ages of 18 and 64] – many who have served in combat in the Middle East – that do not have V.A. (medical) benefits.” ~ Charlie Howard, chairman, Coalition for Health Tennessee
9:00 PM Jul 23, 2015
Dave Ramsey is America’s trusted voice on money and business. He has authored five New York Times best-selling books. The Dave Ramsey Show is heard by more than 8.5 million listeners each week on more than 550 radio stations. Dave’s latest project, EveryDollar, provides a free online budget tool. Follow Dave on Twitter at @DaveRamsey and on the web at daveramsey.com.
5:00 PM Jul 23, 2015
The last few days I have been unfortunate enough to come across many people on the roadways who simply need to go back to drivers ed.
9:30 AM Jul 23, 2015
A few years ago a hunting buddy splurged on an expensive camera. He wanted to snap some high-quality shots of the big bucks he planned on bagging.
6:30 PM Jul 22, 2015
The pantry is empty and the refrigerator is bare. You know what time it is...time to shop for groceries. As you drive to your favorite grocery store, you already know the actions you are going take. You will enter the store, grab a buggy, and browse aisles upon aisles of products. After your cart is full and all items are checked off your list, you will head for the front to pay, hoping of course, to find the shortest and fastest checkout.
6:00 PM Jul 22, 2015
If you know me, you know I hate to lose – at anything. However, I understand some things don’t require, or deserve, me to fully unleash my competitive spirit – such as pickup basketball.
5:30 PM Jul 22, 2015
Dallisgrass (Paspalum dilatatum) and goosegrass (Eleusine indica) are two of the most challenging turfgrass weeds in Tennessee to control. As a general rule, the longer they have been established, the more difficult it will be to control. Both are clumpy, low growing, spreading type grass weeds with seed heads that grow on spikes.
5:00 PM Jul 22, 2015
Recently I have been reading a very interesting book by Col. Kenneth R. Hughey. Col. Hughey was an instructor at Castle Heights Military Academy 1979-80. Our children were students there and my husband, Don, was also an instructor there for several years.
12:35 PM Jul 22, 2015
I’m still not sold on the theory of global warming, but there’s no question that we’re undergoing global aging, and folks in my age-category have to be especially careful when we’re outdoors during the scorching dog days of August.
10:00 PM Jul 21, 2015
The country music show and dance Saturday evening, staring the almost world famous Rode West Band, at the Gladeville Community Center was a sell out. Music lovers and dancers poured in from several surrounding counties to participate.
7:30 PM Jul 21, 2015
Summer is almost over, which means my 52-weeks as student fashion columnist with The Lebanon Democrat will be over, and there will no longer be a weekly Tuesday read about fashion from me.
4:00 PM Jul 21, 2015
This is the 400th column I’ve written on these pages. That’s almost eight years of weekly notes from the Southwest corner.
3:00 PM Jul 21, 2015
I extend my sincerest condolences to the families of our servicemen whose lives were taken in a horrific act of planned terrorism. Having served both in the military and as a law enforcement officer in Tennessee, I have a deep and abiding gratitude and respect for anyone who chooses to serve in uniform.
2:00 PM Jul 20, 2015
Tom Tozer and Bill Black are authors of “Dads2Dads: Tools for Raising Teenagers.” Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @dads2dadsllc. They are available for workshops. Contact them at tomandbill@dads2dadsllc.com.
8:00 AM Jul 20, 2015
When you make a mistake do you own up it or get irritated when someone points it out? Of course, sometimes the finger pointer often is the one mistaken.
10:00 AM Jul 19, 2015
I think I grew up in a great time, one of the best in history. We had the benefit of just enough technology without being overwhelmed by it. I suppose I’m dating myself if I say “these days,” but I can’t help it. These days, it seems children are almost required to be tech savvy. The pressure for our children to succeed exists more than ever. One could say that this is natural part of the human existence. As we progress in time we also must progress in intelligence along with our capabilities.