5:56 PM Oct 16, 2013
The neglect and lack of maintenance to fire hydrants at least under the care of Water and Wastewater Authority of Wilson County pose a clear and direct danger to those living around them.
11:11 AM Oct 16, 2013
I can't believe it is almost time for one of my favorite holidays. Halloween is fast approaching, but this year I will be in the mountains and not attending any Halloween parties.
4:32 PM Oct 15, 2013
I know this topic is one that may turn a lot of people off, moreover, gross a lot of people out, but perhaps it’s time I enlighten the public.
4:20 PM Oct 14, 2013
Nobody wants to admit it, but parents everywhere appear to be losing their minds. And how could we not? Spending a large amount of time around children, who require constant entertainment and amusement, will definitely take a toll on your sanity.
4:18 PM Oct 14, 2013
It’s a little lonely in the Southwest corner while things were jumping (OK: considering the age, maybe skipping slowly) back home.
12:52 PM Oct 11, 2013
It’s no secret how much I love my job. Not sure? Just start a conversation with me. I can relate virtually any topic to some aspect of newspapers in the blink of an eye.
11:15 PM Oct 10, 2013
Speaking as a journalist, it’s easy to sometimes lose sight of why we do what we do.
7:31 PM Oct 10, 2013
This week, newspapers across the nation are devoting time and space in honor, homage and celebration of our service to our communities during National Newspaper Week, and The Lebanon Democrat is no different.
3:08 PM Oct 9, 2013
As a publisher of a weekly newspaper, you find yourself doing a lot of different things. Both news and advertising become part of the daily routine. One day you’re crunching numbers for the budget, the next day you’re calling on a new business that has just opened in the area.
9:59 PM Oct 8, 2013
Do you ever catch yourself watching a show that you previously had thought there was no way in a million years you’d ever catch on to?
3:28 PM Oct 7, 2013
I learned about the importance of telling a good story – something your publications try to do each and every day – from a Tennessean who was a dear friend of mine. His name was Alex Haley and he became famous for telling stories, in particular those of his African ancestry in his best-selling novel, Roots.
3:27 PM Oct 7, 2013
One thing I’ve learned about life so far: Good things tend to come in bunches (bananas, grapes, and Honey Bunches of Oats come to mind) and bad things tend to come in clumps (think litter boxes, or Eddie Murphy’s collection of characters from “The Nutty Professor.”)
3:26 PM Oct 7, 2013
As I write, we are winging again: this time to San Francisco and our annual journey to the “Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival in Golden Gate Park.
9:39 AM Oct 4, 2013
“There’s not a whole lot to it,” I told myself as I put my phone in my pocket, trying my best not to look at it every five minutes.
6:54 PM Oct 3, 2013
Two announcements Thursday gave two Lebanon leaders the chance to further lead the community while filling the void left from the loss of their predecessors.