10:00 AM Jun 28, 2015
More than 20 million people are victims of human trafficking and modern slavery around the world. United Way wants to do something about it.
8:00 AM Jun 28, 2015
One of the biggest challenges we all face is time management. You probably look at your daily to-do list and say, “how could I possibly fit in another thing?” You’re not alone.
4:00 PM Jun 27, 2015
“Much as we may wish to make a new beginning, some part of us resists doing so as though we were making the first step toward disaster.” — William Throsby Bridges, 19th century Australian soldier
3:00 PM Jun 27, 2015
The future of health care has been a debate in this country for a long, long time, and it finally came to a resolution this week when the Supreme Court voted 6-3 to allow the poor and middle class to receive subsidies to pay for the cost of health insurance.
7:00 PM Jun 26, 2015
The idea of “time travel” isn’t confined to science fiction. It is actually possible. I have done it. Most of us have.
5:00 PM Jun 26, 2015
Donald Trump was born in a 300-room log cabin in Trumptown (formerly known as Queens), New York in 1946 and elected president of the U.S. in 2016. From his humble beginnings as the son of an extremely wealthy real estate developer, he lifted himself up by his bootstraps to become an extremely wealthy real estate developer. His struggle to remain rich taught him many life lessons that came in handy on his way to the highest office in the land.
4:00 PM Jun 26, 2015
See who got a thumbs-up for the week. And who didn't.
3:00 PM Jun 26, 2015
Hi. You don’t know me, and I certainly don’t know you, at least not by name.
7:00 PM Jun 25, 2015
James B. (Jim) Hawkins is a general practice and public interest law attorney based in Gallatin. This column represents legal information, and is not intended to take the place of legal advice. All cases are different and need individual attention. Consult with a private attorney of your choice to review the facts and law specific to your case. Call (615) 452-9200 to suggest topics for future columns.
6:00 PM Jun 25, 2015
Dave Ramsey is America’s trusted voice on money and business. He has authored five New York Times best-selling books. The Dave Ramsey Show is heard by more than 8.5 million listeners each week on more than 550 radio stations. Dave’s latest project, EveryDollar, provides a free online budget tool. Follow Dave on Twitter at @DaveRamsey and on the web at daveramsey.com.
3:00 PM Jun 25, 2015
On Tuesday, June 2, Lebanon City Council passed the 2015/2016 Budget. The new budget year will start on July 1. Mayor Philip Craighead stated “With the hard work of the Commissioner of Finance’s Office, all department heads, and the Mayor’s Office, the Lebanon City Council was able to pass the budget in early June. The Council has been focused on the end result and has worked tirelessly during work sessions to ensure the best possible budget has been passed.”
2:00 PM Jun 25, 2015
The June 18th edition of Jammin’ with the General was a blast!!!
9:00 PM Jun 24, 2015
Using a slow cooker is super easy. It is one of the best time-saving appliances in the kitchen. It is great for beginning cooks as well as experienced ones. All you have to do is fill it and turn it on. If you’re new to slow cooking, definitely read through the user manual so you know any quirks or requirements of your particular cooker.
8:05 PM Jun 24, 2015
We are currently experiencing some very hot weather conditions with daytime highs in the low to upper 90’s and increased humidity. The heat index has already exceeded 100 degrees. Everyone knows these are very uncomfortable conditions. Hot weather and high humidity are also uncomfortable for livestock. Hot weather and high humidity reduces breeding efficiency, milk production, feed intake and weight gain. It can take a toll.
5:00 PM Jun 24, 2015
Teacher unions and the complex collective bargaining system that they employ have come under intense criticism lately.
10:00 PM Jun 23, 2015
The first official day of summer was Monday, and it seems like it gets hotter outside every minute. Since we are in the full swing of summer and topping out at about 95 degrees outside everyday, everyone’s favorite thing to do now is to go and cool off at the pool.
9:00 PM Jun 23, 2015
The Gladeville Procrastinators Club held its monthly meeting at the Gladeville General Store last week. It was postponed several times before they actually had it.