2:57 PM Sep 9, 2013
As I write, we are somewhere over the Pacific on our way to Hawaii’s Garden Isle once more.
8:32 PM Sep 5, 2013
If I spend $600 on a sofa, I expect at least 10 good years of use out of it. If I spend $600 on a phone, I feel lucky if I get two years.
9:55 AM Sep 4, 2013
An email from New Leash on Life has inspired a search for a home for two rescues.
1:54 PM Sep 3, 2013
It’s finally that time of the year again.
1:44 PM Sep 3, 2013
Labor Day weekend a year ago Debbie, my wife, and I were at Vanderbilt University Medical Center with Cindy Reavis who learned that her breast cancer had returned.
12:16 AM Sep 3, 2013
I tried not think about it over the last three months, but college still snuck up on me. That’s how it tends to happen, in my experience.
11:25 PM Sep 2, 2013
Tennessee’s Nov. 28-Jan. 1 inaugural hunting season for sandhill cranes, approved during last month’s meeting of the Tennessee Fish & Wildlife Commission, offers a compromise with the state’s ornithological society and various anti-hunting groups.
10:45 PM Sep 2, 2013
A monsoon front from Mexico at the end of last week made the Southwest corner look a lot like the Augusts of my youth back home.
12:11 AM Sep 2, 2013
I bet I know what you’re thinking, not another word about Miley Cyrus.
12:02 AM Aug 30, 2013
The Wilson County Commission on Monday approved 1.5-percent raises for certified staff members in county schools and 2.5-percent raises for county employees, which is the first pay increase county workers have received in six years.
4:52 PM Aug 27, 2013
I write this week to enlighten all of you misinformed people of the tragic goings-on of the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards that took place Sunday night.
7:50 PM Aug 26, 2013
I’m usually in a hurry. I walk fast everywhere I go. At the grocery store, to the mailbox, across the parking lot, and when I think there’s a serial killer behind me. I like to be on time, but being early is better.