12:30 PM Dec 11, 2014
It was the kind of day that only a penguin could love – cold, raw and blustery – but despite the frigid weather, the fishing was hot.
9:00 PM Dec 10, 2014
Here is a list of possible “Holiday Hazards” the Tennessee Poison Center believes you should know about to keep your children safe during the holidays.
6:00 PM Dec 10, 2014
The year is almost over, and I know most of the lessons I’ve learned this year have happened within the last 10 days. A pair of those lessons happened in the last three days.
10:00 PM Dec 9, 2014
December is here, and we all need that one accessory to keep us warm with the cold temperatures.
12:00 PM Dec 9, 2014
Sunday afternoon in the Southwest corner was a bit different from our usual weekend routine.
6:00 PM Dec 7, 2014
Simplify. As the holidays approach, things get hectic. Lists grow long and patience gets short. One thing that will help smooth and strengthen the relationship with your kids is to simplify.
3:00 PM Dec 7, 2014
Harry Alsup and his wife, Lou, were in several bridge clubs that my husband and I attended and Harry, or Chick, as we called him, wrote a small book called “Bridge for Beginners.”
9:00 AM Dec 7, 2014
I want to extend a special thank you to someone this week and take the opportunity to tell readers about someone who made a tremendous difference for Wilson County.
8:00 AM Dec 7, 2014
One of the most frequent complaints I hear about couponing is “coupons are always for things I can’t eat.” If you have spent any time couponing you probably have seen why many people make this complaint.
4:08 PM Dec 6, 2014
The lights are bright. The air is crisp. Delightful desserts are all around. But how do we celebrate the holidays when we know there is darkness and despair for others?
7:00 PM Dec 5, 2014
Surefire holiday recipes for anyone
6:00 PM Dec 5, 2014
The first time I looked at computer code, I felt like I was trying to ready “The Odyssey” in its original Greek.
6:00 PM Dec 4, 2014
Well now that Thanksgiving is behind us (and I have eaten enough turkey to last me to at least February), it is time for one of my favorite times of year – the Christmas season.
8:30 PM Dec 3, 2014
While holiday shopping can get you into the spirit of the season, it’s often accompanied by a nagging feeling that you’re overspending. Experts say that listening to that nagging little voice may be the best thing you can do for your budget during the holidays.