8:30 AM Jul 24, 2014
Non-venomous snakes, like these garter snakes, have round pupils, while the pupils of venomous species are vertical..
The incidence of bites by venomous snakes seems to be on the increase, and this is a prime time of year for such incidents
9:30 AM Jul 17, 2014
The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency offers hunters detailed deer data which can be accessed through its website
11:30 AM Jul 16, 2014
Ever since his close call, Bob Sherborne makes sure he wears a life jacket any time he's on the water. Everyone else should, too.
Imagine a parent having to live with the fact that a child fell overboard and drowned because the parent failed to make the youngster wear a life jacket, as required by law. Or having to call the wife of a fishing buddy to inform her that her husband has drowned and authorities are dragging the lake for his body.
10:30 AM Jul 15, 2014
Bradshaw was trying to make a point that youngsters need more physical exercise in school, but failed in his clumsy attempt at humor by making fun of those who participate in less-strenuous activities such as archery and fishing.
8:30 AM Jul 11, 2014
Seventy-four boaters cited
9:30 AM Jul 10, 2014
Skipjack, also known as Tennessee Tarpon, are classified as "trash fish" but are hard fighters and fun to catch.
Skipjacks are terrific fighters, especially on light tackle.
9:30 AM Jul 9, 2014
A pair of mockingbirds would start chirping about the time my head hit the pillow.
8:30 AM Jun 19, 2014
Wilson County ranked 7th in the state in the number of turkeys taken during the recent spring season, with 647 birds tagged
8:30 AM Jun 18, 2014
The TWRA warns fishermen not to dump live bait into any public water.
A growing problem -- and potential catastrophe -- in Tennessee is strains of Asian carp
8:30 AM Jun 17, 2014
Catching little bluegills is big fun.
from mid-May through mid-June there is a bluegill bonanza when the fish move into the shallows to spawn
7:30 PM Jun 12, 2014
Since Asian carp are filter feeders that eat mainly zooplankton, they’re almost impossible to catch on a hook and a line.
10:30 AM Jun 12, 2014
I do feel sorry sometimes for people who totally overlook certain species of fish because they know there’s no chance they’ll ever help them in a tournament or because they don’t make for the best eating.
8:30 AM Jun 12, 2014
Boating fatality
10:30 AM Jun 11, 2014
Fishing is good in the fast water below dams.
Boaters and fishermen will continue to have access to the tail-waters immediately below 10 dams on the Cumberland River and its tributaries at least through 2017.
10:30 AM Jun 10, 2014
How lazy does someone have to be to take a bottle of water into a park, then throw the empty down instead of dropping it into one of the numerous trash cans that are provided?
2:30 PM Jun 5, 2014
by the time they left the water around 9 p.m., they had boated one cat that weighed 12.5 pounds and two that weighed more than 20.
8:30 AM Jun 5, 2014
An interscholastic trap-shooting team for Wilson County youngsters is being organized, with Ben Schade as coach.