11:30 AM Jul 5, 2014
(Larry Woody • Lebanon Democrat) State records are kept for every species of fish, even ‘trash fish,’ such as this gar caught by Bob Sherborne in the Cumberland River.
Wildlife agency keeps records on more than 100 species of fish in Tennessee
10:30 AM Jul 3, 2014
An East Tennessee angler has etched his name in the record book with a 95-pound paddlefish.
10:30 AM Jul 2, 2014
A recent story about a Tennessee Sandhill Crane being prepared on an upcoming TV cooking show got me thinking about some of the more, well, unique outdoors dishes I’ve tried over the years.
12:30 PM Jun 26, 2014
With the big July 4 holiday looming, the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency is preparing for its sixth annual Operation Dry Water crackdown on boating violations.
11:30 AM Jun 25, 2014
Beavers, once rare in most areas of the state, are becoming a nuisance.
Beavers, once virtually extinct in most areas of Tennessee, have made an amazing comeback in recent years -- too amazing, in some areas.
10:30 AM Jun 24, 2014
Visitors to parks and others areas were fawns are present are warned to leave them alone.
The tiny fawn, not much bigger than a basketball, is curled into a tight little nose-to-tail ball. Nestled back in the sage grass, its tawny, white-spotted hide provides perfect camouflage.