Should the Wilson County Board of Education be allowed to ban a book from schools' reading list?

The Wilson County Board of Education voted Monday night to ban the book, "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time," from the freshman reading list. It has since been added back to the list.



8/May/2014 16:31

Mr. Wayne McNeese
205 Matterhorn Drive
Old Hickory, TN 37138

Mr. McNeese:

I just read about your decision to remove a book from an honors class titled "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time" by Mark Haddon.

Exactly what ideas or you so afraid of that will harm students? The word "f***" is apparently what you feel will impair their delicate sensibility. Do you believe the work will cause them to fall into a frenzy of sexual activity that will cause STDs to go up in Wilson County? Just what citizens and taxpayers are you protecting by banning a book?

You have no business being on any school board, born or unborn. I have witnessed the banning of books my entire life (I am 71) and even as a youngster, when Henry Miller, Kraft-Ebbing, J.D. Salinger, D.H. Lawrence, and others, were banned, I found a way to read these authors.

You are a very foolish, narrow minded person who I pray has the courage to resign from an office for which you are manifestly unqualified.

None too hopefully,

Wayne Renardson


I agree with Mr. McNeese....I thought we moved into the 21st Century a while back!


Rev. Brian Hines ,

I personally do not think banning this book or any book is an answer to any problems whether moral or societal.
God give us a brain to use and to judge whether or not material is suitable for consumption or not.
Banning books is always a bad thing because it just doesn't stop at one particular book. Eventually if allowed all books would be banned and or burned and this includes the greatest book of all the Holy Bible.
If one book gets banned then it opens a door for all books not just one that certain high ups deem appropriate.
God gave us choice and God has given us a right to exercise our choices as human beings created in our fathers image.
Let's not forget that if the least of us lose any freedoms then we all will lose our freedoms and this includes the freedom to read and to think critically in these dark times we live in.

Rev. Brian Hines


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