Veteran owned TRICON3 opens in Portland

Seth Griffith displays the company logo as it appears on a company truck. (Leader photo/Bonnie Fussell)

TRICON3 Construction Inc. has recently opened in Portland. The business is a veteran-owned small business which specializes in concrete, masonry, steel erection, and general contracting.

The company was incorporated in May of 2015, and launched in Portland in the late winter. The company officially opened March 1, 2016.

The business is co-owned by Seth Griffith and Jonathan Griese. Griffith is retired from the Air Force and Griese is a ten-year Navy veteran. Together they have 30 years of combined military service. Griffith was with special operations and Griese was a Seabee performing construction in the military.

Currently, the company has four employees, but will be employing others from the Portland area in the near future as the owners plan to grow rapidly and expand.

TRICON3 has recently completed a project in the Portland area and is currently working on patios for an apartment complex in Cookeville.

Griffith said, “We are dedicated to Christian beliefs, and give back to our own churches. God’s plans are our plans.

“We are veteran owned and operated, and are community minded, and want to be known in the community.

“We are working closely with the Hodges Group on bidding for projects together in Tennessee and the Southeast states.”

Sixty percent of TRICON3 is targeted toward Federal construction projects at locations like Fort Campbell, Millington, and Fort Stewart, Georgia.

Griffith said, “The government sets aside money for contracts with small businesses, veteran owned businesses, and women-owned small businesses. The government wants American made and approved materials, and it will make sure we are 100 percent in compliance with its rules and regulations.”

The Portland Chamber of Commerce will hold a ribbon cutting at the business in late April.

“We chose Portland because we like the small town aspect and the personal relationships you have with banks, insurance companies, and CPAs,” he added. “It’s nice to know that in 2016 you can still walk into an office and look at a person. That’s nice.”

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