'Tajci' to sing for Jesus in Franklin church

Tatiana "Tajci" Cameron will perform March 3 in Franklin, Ky.

For The Portland Leader

By all outer appearances, Tatiana Cameron had it all. ‘Tajci,’ as her father nicknamed her, had achieved superstar status as a pop singer in Central Europe by the age of 19. Tajci, who was raised in Communist Yugoslavia, was living the life which so many only dream about.

She achieved platinum and diamond status with her records. Her fame brought her millions of screaming fans, as European magazines and tabloids were constantly filling their pages with her stories and photos. Dolls and newborn babies were named after her. During the Eurovision Song contest which was televised internationally, it was estimated that over a billion people tuned in to watch her. However, something was missing, as her life had become a blur of concerts, video shoots, and appearances.

In 1991, war hit her country. During this time, she sang at massive concerts for peace, entertained wounded soldiers in hospitals and visited those on the front lines.

Tajci’s life was forever changed upon attending a secret prayer meeting. She was introduced to Jesus, and when she accepted him as her personal savior, she surrendered all to him. Tajci’s new commitment led her to giving up everything — fame, fortune, and even her family.

Tajci’s life changing decision shocked her country, but she followed the Lord’s leading. She came to the United States alone at the age of 21 to start a new lower profile life. Here, she met her husband Matthew Cameron, whom she now has three children with.

To date, Tajci sings in churches all across the country and some internationally as well. What sets her shows apart from any typical concert is that she intertwines the story of Jesus’ Crucifixion with her own story of growing up in a communist country, acquiring fame and fortune, and then eventually giving it all up for to follow Jesus.

Tajci will be coming to St. Mary Catholic Church (403 N. Main St., Franklin, KY) on Thursday, March 3. The show begins at 7 p.m. and is open to the public. Admission is free, but a love offering will be taken.

Teresa Garrett of Portland is among those excited about Tajci’s show in Franklin. She recalled how she came to find out about her compelling story. After being touched by Tajci’s moving music, she has since wanted to spread the word about her powerful ministry.

“I have a priest friend who one day came to me and said, ‘I want you to meet my sister-in-law. She is going to be in concert in a little town nearby. Her story is huge, and you will not want to miss it,’” recounted Garrett.

“Later on, I went to the concert. I sat in the front, and I was so very very touched by her music. She has different shows she does. She has the one about the crucifixion of Jesus. She sings and plays the keyboard, and when her sister Sanya is with her, she plays the flute. When you get all the instruments together, it sounds like a full symphony. She was telling her story in bits and pieces as she was singing about the crucifixion of Jesus,” she added.

Garrett maintains that a Tacji concert isn’t just any typical show. Her story combined with her unique style of music is beyond intriguing to her.

“It was just so beautiful. I could not get over it. It was more than a concert. It was her sharing her life, the story of Jesus and his suffering,” she said.

Since Garrett’s first unforgettable experience, she says she has been to probably ten of her shows. The show she first recalls was four years ago in Franklin.

“There were over 350 people there. It was a full concert. What a blessed event it was to be there, to hear that, and to experience that. It’s more than any concert could ever be,” she said emphatically.

Tajci, who sings in nine languages, continues to book shows as she has requests coming in from around the world. She still remains a popular figure in Central Europe. She delivers flawlessly and expressively whether in an arena or an intimate setting.

For more information, call 615-325-7294 or 270-586-4515.

To learn more about Tacji and her ministry, visit www.idobelieve.com.

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