5:30 PM Jul 17, 2014
They went 10-3 and won double-figure games for the fourth consecutive season. But they also failed to win the SEC West for the second year in a row and won’t be expected to win it this season.
5:30 PM Jul 17, 2014
The SEC Network — an ESPN/SEC partnership that will cover SEC sports around the clock year-round — is scheduled to launch at 6 p.m. on Aug. 14.
4:46 PM Jul 17, 2014
Nationals lose 8-5, will face Fairview on Friday
4:30 PM Jul 17, 2014
Mauk was 3-1, losing only in double-overtime to South Carolina. He finished with 10 touchdowns and two interceptions.
3:30 PM Jul 17, 2014
South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier watches warmups next to South Carolina Gamecocks quarterback Perry Orth (10) before the Garnet & Black spring football game at Williams-Brice Stadium in Columbia, S.C., Saturday, April 12, 2014. (Jeff Blake/The State/MCT)
he did point out that building UF’s program was much easier than building South Carolina’s.
3:30 PM Jul 17, 2014
LeBron is as inspiring as a man as he is as a player.
2:30 PM Jul 17, 2014
The Los Angeles Angels' Mike Trout holds aloft the MVP award after a 5-3 win against the National League during the All-Star Game at Target Field in Minneapolis on Tuesday, July 15, 2014. Trout doubled, tripled and drove in a pair of runs. (Kyndell Harkness/Minneapolis Star Tribune/MCT)
It’s just fairer to award something based on season-long supremacy head-to-head rather than on an exhibition game that mainly served to salute a great player, who happens to play in the A.L.
1:30 PM Jul 17, 2014
Fans smothered Jeter in adulation from the moment he arrived in town, and while he sounded genuinely appreciative and touched by that outpouring, his stoicism never failed him. He didn’t want this to be solely about him, as if that was possible.
12:30 PM Jul 17, 2014
We are finally, finally, getting to the end of the line with a guy who has been good for all the things that won’t last forever, and terrible in his stewardship of the game
11:30 AM Jul 17, 2014
A look at the January 1965 return of Philadelphia’s greatest athlete points out not just the remarkable similarities between Chamberlain and James, but also the enormous differences in how basketball and its stars were covered then and now.
10:30 AM Jul 17, 2014
Lebanon’s Caroline Hendrick shot a two-day 174 and Anna Leigh Cleveland a 175 to finish second and third
9:30 AM Jul 17, 2014
The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency offers hunters detailed deer data which can be accessed through its website
8:30 AM Jul 17, 2014
Greg Armstrong gets a massage
Armstrong wins 500K in less than four days
11:00 PM Jul 16, 2014
Babe Ruth 15 state begins Friday in Lebanon
9:30 PM Jul 16, 2014
Stuff happens when you get older. Age affects your cognitive reaction time — an older person takes longer to process incoming stimuli than a younger person does.
8:30 PM Jul 16, 2014
“Nobody wanted to catch the ball,” Wagner said. “Nobody wanted to come up the middle.”
7:30 PM Jul 16, 2014
Always one of the most entertaining coaches to speak here, Spurrier did not disappoint in his turn at the dais on Tuesday. But he has proven as good at winning games as he has gigging opponents.