7:00 PM Sep 14, 2014
Most of us have complained of feeling down in the dumps. We’ve said, ‘I’m depressed,” when we’ve been in a funk.
5:00 PM Sep 7, 2014
Tom Tozer and Bill Black
A dad writes that his daughter overheard someone at school criticize her looks. She was quite hurt since she had considered that person a friend. The dad told her, “beauty is only skin deep.”
5:00 PM Aug 31, 2014
We just discovered the book, “Thanks! How the new science of gratitude can make you happier” by Robert Emmons.
6:00 PM Aug 24, 2014
Is there such a thing as a “bad seed?" Or is there innate innocence that gets corrupted by home environment and peer pressure? We’ve recently seen many examples of teen trouble that have left us digging for answers.
6:00 PM Aug 17, 2014
Families are changing, there’s no doubt about it.
9:00 PM Aug 10, 2014
We took advantage of summer time to sit in on a few college orientation sessions targeted to new students.
8:00 PM Aug 3, 2014
We’ve both experienced children going off to college, so we know full well that parents never totally stay out of the way when it comes to their child facing a life-changing experience.
4:00 PM Jul 20, 2014
Your high school senior is king or queen of all he or she sees. But that will soon change. The college decision has been made – whether to attend and where. High school is over. The lingering remnants of summer remain. And as the new academic year begins to dawn, your child knows there is something new, strange, and somewhat foreboding that will shake his or her royal throne!
6:00 PM Jun 15, 2014
It’s a wonder she could walk upright as she raced down the hall to her bedroom and shut the door with an exclamation point—the chip on her shoulder was that big.
2:00 PM Jan 8, 2014
The reason why we dads hate to listen to anyone is because it means we have to stop talking. Think about it. When someone invites us to listen, it requires us to (A) put on hold the brilliant comment we were about to make; (B) stop thinking about a clever response; and (C) give up control or at least the appearance of being in charge.