Additech launches diesel fuel additive test in Lebanon

Staff Reports • Jan 18, 2017 at 1:15 PM

Additech, maker of at-the-pump fuel additive delivery solutions, announced the pilot market testing of a newly developed additive engineered specifically for diesel fuel, Additech Diesel Guard. 

The pilot test will begin Monday at eight retail locations in five states that provide a cross-section of seasonal driving conditions. One of those sites will be at the Murphy Express at 603 S. Cumberland St. in Lebanon.

The latest Additech initiative will capitalize on the growth of diesel vehicles in the U.S. Since 2010, sales of diesel cars, SUVs and light-duty trucks have grown at an annual compounded growth rate of more than 14 percent, exceeding that of the total market. 

The growth is particularly driven by the American driver’s recent attraction to diesel powered cars and SUVs, while light-duty trucks continue to build on their traditional popularity. The growth is despite the average upcharge of $5,000 in purchase price for a diesel engine when comparing model to model.

“The American driver is clearly embracing diesel powered personal vehicles,” said Additech president and CEO Ryan Zafris, “and we see an equally clear opportunity to help drivers protect their investment and get the most out of their vehicle performance. We’re excited to bring Diesel Guard to market and anticipate very strong consumer response.”

Diesel Guard and Additech gasoline additives are also sold commercially for use by both private and government fleets.

Additech is a technology company with two patented retail fuel system solutions, each that affixes to the fuel pump. Since 2003, Additech has provided retail fueling stations a platform for gaining incremental sales opportunities through add-on consumer purchases of additive as the gasoline is pumped. More recently, Additech added diesel fuel additive and Real-Time Additization to its product and service portfolio, providing for the additizing of fuels either at the retail pump or at fleet terminals and garages. For more information, visit additech.com.

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