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Staff Reports • Feb 27, 2017 at 8:39 AM

At one time, choosing the ideal checking account might have involved factors like which option had the lowest fees, your ability to maintain a certain balance, or the desire to avoid certain types of charges on your monthly statement.

Thankfully, that era is in the past.  Now, if your choice in checking isn’t driven by factors like convenience, mobile features and even rewards, then it might be time to take a fresh look at your options.  With today’s checking accounts, free (and fee-free) can be a given; your funds can be accessed and managed your way; and you can be rewarded for things you’re probably doing already.

Do you use your debit card for just about everything?  Do you like the convenience of paying bills online?  Do you want to move your money easily between accounts?  Do you prefer to receive and view your statements electronically?

These are all things to consider, and they’re all features that are readily available, but you can also think about the extras that will round out your checking experience.  Maybe you’d appreciate a little bonus cash every month, interest on your account, automatic saving, travel discounts or free music downloads.  These are some of the extras that have made Wilson Bank & Trust’s free checking options – and especially WB&T’s suite of Kasasa checking accounts – extremely popular choices.  And selecting one doesn’t require you to wade through a ton of accounts that have similar but slightly different features.

Available only at select community banks, Kasasa accounts offer rewards you can really use.  The three Kasasa checking products at WB&T come with no monthly fees, plus the ability to earn rewards like a high rate of interest (Kasasa Cash), cash back on check card purchases (Kasasa Cash Back) or music downloads (Kasasa Tunes).  A new account representative at your nearest office can help you decide which is most beneficial for you based on your account level and your interests.  Qualifying for rewards is simple – it just involves the use of electronic services, like e-statements and online banking, that you’re probably accustomed to already.  And anytime you don’t qualify, there are no penalties to worry about, you can still earn a modest interest rate depending on which account you choose, and you can go right back to qualifying during your next statement period.  The accounts also come with nationwide refunds of service charges for non-WBT ATMs.  What’s more, when you choose an account with cash rewards, you can tie your checking account to Kasasa Saver and automatically save the rewards you earn during each cycle.

Every Wilson Bank & Trust checking account also provides access to a full complement of online and mobile services, like these:

  • Free online bill pay
  • Free debit card text alerts
  • Free Mobile check deposits
  • Free use of MoneyDesktop, a personal financial management tool

Besides Kasasa, Wilson Bank & Trust offers checking accounts, including Campus Checking and Solid Gold Checking, that are tailor made for certain customers like college students or adults over 50.  These accounts provide special features designed for those specific customers, making it easy to bank on campus or enjoy discounted group travel.

If you just prefer regular, old-school banking and aren’t concerned with online or mobile services, WB&T can help there too, with a few different choices for basic checking accounts.

For the most options in checking, and great service besides, visit Wilson Bank & Trust at any of 26 full-service Middle Tennessee offices or online at wilsonbank.com.  At WB&T, you have great options no matter how you choose to manage your money, and fees and charges don’t have to be part of your banking experience.

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