Economic group discusses possible new industries

Jacob Smith • Sep 7, 2017 at 11:28 AM

The Wilson County Joint Economic and Community Development Board executive committee discussed possible new Wilson County industries during Thursday’s monthly meeting.

G.C. Hixson, Wilson County JECDB director, read through some of the companies that may make Wilson County their home.

One that received a lot of discussion was Pyrolysis, a tire-recycling operation that seeks a partnership with the Wilson County community.

The project claims to be able to process up to 10,000 tires a day and expects to hire 132 employees.

The committee felt the company might be too experimental to take a chance.

“My sense of things was that it would be a very difficult project,” said board attorney Bob Rochelle. “New technology, first time using it.”

Rochelle felt tire recycling is an important thing to look into, but a new company that doesn’t have much experience wasn’t the right direction to go at this time.

Another talking point was Phillips, a company with locations either existing or planned already in Davidson and Williamson counties. Phillips officials are also looking into Wilson County sites.

“They do have to have 100,000 square feet of space by the end of the year,” said Hixson. “Where do we have 100,000 square feet of office space?”

Besides new industries, the committee also briefly mentioned the JECDB’s new office at the newly built terminal at the Lebanon Municipal Airport, where the JECDB will meet next month. 

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