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Eat Like a Girl: Speedy Burrito lives up to its name

Kristin Baldwin • Updated Jan 4, 2017 at 5:00 PM

When it comes to fittingly reflecting its menu, Speedy Burrito is probably Lebanon’s most accurately named dining establishment. Nowadays, it seems there’s a burrito joint on every block, many of which are owned by a fast-food corporate parent that would probably prefer to remain anonymous. However, Speedy Burrito has Wilson County roots and food that is head-and-shoulders above their mass-market brethren at a comparable price.

Its charming chalkboard menu features a colorful collection of fiesta foods, that’s pretty much the entire bill of fare, tacos, burritos, quesadillas, nachos, tortas or Mexican subs and fajitas.

To call this place cozy is an understatement. There’s seating for perhaps 25, a large painted burro icon that is also the menu logo decorates the wall of the joint, amid the ample tables and big-screen television, all with an order-at-the-counter setup. 

And what is Mexican without the chips and salsa? Speedy Burrito’s freshly fried chips cradled the feisty red salsa and the insanely velvety queso like a champ. 

Honestly, there’s no ladylike way to eat a burrito from Speedy’s – they come wrapped in foil and weigh a ton – so I just went for it, rolling back the wrapper and digging right in. These burritos are enormous rather than the short/squat side, a flour tortilla stuffed with rice, beans, shredded cheese, pico de gallo, lettuce, guacamole, sour cream and jalapenos. To tame that spicy kick of peppers, a slice of lime is included to cool your taste buds down. 

I’d be lucky to finish half of one of the burritos, and for just $5.50, it’s an incredible amount of food, but the burrito beast was no match for this hungry chica.

To crunch or not to crunch… that is the question? Once you’ve chosen, you must make a meat choice, shredded chuck beef or shredded pork butt, both slow-cooked, shredded chicken, steak or my favorite chorizo – a vinegar and chili pepper seasoned sausage. All the corn tortillas, should you like a crunch lunch, are handmade daily for that authentic Mexican flare.

Service was excellent across the board, even when the restaurant was slammed for lunch. Food, as is typical of Mexican, comes out of the kitchen blazingly fast, so that our tacos were on the table while we were just getting into our salsa and queso.

I actually saved the best for last, at least in my humble opinion. I loved the Torta Cubana and could have made two meals out of that alone. Speedy’s version of this Mexican sub is piled high with bacon, ham, tomato, grilled onions, pineapple, lettuce, onion, cheese, guacamole and jalapenos. This entrée is not for the faint at heart and combines the flavors of Cuba and Mexico, a winning mouth-exploding marriage. At $7, it’s inexpensive and delicious. And that sums up Speedy Burrito as well…leaving you lots to “taco” about.

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