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Randall Hutto: An incredible response to Hurricane Harvey

Randall Hutto • Updated Sep 7, 2017 at 12:00 PM

The devastation of Hurricane Harvey is difficult to watch. I cannot imagine facing the incredibly difficult circumstances surrounding the citizens of Houston. 

My heart breaks for the families who have lost their loved ones, as well as their homes and sources of income. Hurricanes are truly nondiscriminatory, and this one in particular has wrecked havoc upon one of our nation’s largest and most vibrant cities. 

Though we live in a community where hurricanes in particular are not an immediate threat, natural disasters of various kinds remain a cause for concern. That is why, among other reasons, public safety is one of the top priorities of my administration, and it has been ever since I assumed the role of county mayor.

Here in Wilson County, our men and women who are active in public safety are some of the most dedicated and courageous individuals you will ever meet. There was a tremendous response to Hurricane Harvey locally. The events that aren’t directly tied to public safety, know that none of them would be possible without the protection of our local law enforcement and first responders.

Public safety is a fundamental key to a community surviving in the midst of difficult circumstances. However, public safety is also the key to a thriving community. When citizens feel safe, they are free to live abundant lives. It has been humbling to witness the response to the flooding in Houston. Though it isn’t always promoted, there is still a lot of human kindness in the world, and it seems to show itself most clearly in the face of disaster. 

Our hearts are with the citizens of Houston, and we pray for the men and women traveling there from Middle Tennessee to aid in relief efforts.

Randall Hutto is mayor of Wilson County.

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