Jacob Smith: Here’s to graduation

Jacob Smith • Updated May 3, 2018 at 1:00 PM

It’s hard for me to believe, but I realized with graduation season upon us, I graduated almost exactly one year ago. 

I honestly still feel like I’m fresh out of college, and I guess in the grand scheme of things, a year isn’t a whole lot of time, but still, this last year has flown by. 

I remember the first time I walked into The Lebanon Democrat’s office to talk with Jared Felkins about starting an internship here. At the time, I had no expectation or even a vague idea it would turn into a full-time job. 

I remember the first story I got, about a historical church in Watertown that was going to be torn down to make room for renovations. I was so nervous that I had to ask then-staff writer Jake Old for tips before I called the pastor for an interview. 

Then, of course, I remember my internship ending and Jared calling me into his office to ask if I wanted to step into the staff writer position after Jake left to go to law school at Belmont. 

Jake, of course, did an excellent job of introducing me to people I needed to know and teaching me about the ins and outs of the job in the brief time between when I accepted the job and when he left. I don’t mind saying now, though, that the first few weeks on the job was a stressful time for me. 

There were a number of times where I questioned whether I could do the job or not, but eventually I was able to get a decent feel for how the job works. 

 Of course, I’m not saying I never get overwhelmed anymore. After one year, there are still times, though they’re few and far between, when I start to feel overwhelmed. 

Overall, I’ve found Wilson County to be a friendly place, where people accepted me quickly into the community. 

I know how lucky I am to get a job in the field I was studying immediately after I graduated. I have several friends from college who’ve been through two or three jobs in the last year alone. I’m lucky to have gotten in somewhere almost immediately in a field in which I was interested. 

To all of the students who graduate this year, I hope your experience is like mine. I hope you’re able to find something quickly that allows you to use the skill sets you learned in college to make a living.

I’ll be driving to Milligan College on Saturday to watch some of my friends and roommates walk across the stage, and I know Cumberland University has a graduation ceremony the same day. I’d like to wish everyone graduating this weekend and in the coming weeks a happy graduation and good luck with everything that comes afterward. 

Jacob Smith is a staff writer for The Democrat. Email him at [email protected] and follow him on Twitter @wilsonnewsroom.

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