Linda Alessi: The importance of vacations

Linda Alessi • Updated Sep 29, 2018 at 12:45 PM

Summertime is synonymous with vacation. All of our lives, we waited for the special time when the ordinary routines would be different. This was called our vacation. Sometimes we never traveled far from our homes, but still the special time was ever so important.

Many times as a child, I can remember my friends and I were allowed to stay up late, sometimes to play outside until the sun went down. We would wait for the bells of the ice cream vendor who came during the warm summer evenings. There were times, if we were lucky, to go to the park or the zoo or the beach and enjoy frolicking in the salty waters of Coney Island. All these things were special to a child. I am glad I have remembrances of these and more occasions where summertime was a time of refreshment.

There were some families who were fortunate to be able to leave the hot city for the summer and retreat in the mountains or at the seashore for the warm months.  Fathers and mothers alike waited for these special times. Work was an essential part of life and a change of the routines helped in the care and wellbeing of the family. Many saved all year for some time away. It benefited those who could get away on vacation for a respite to go back to work refreshed and renewed to work for another year.

Seniors still today find the benefit of changing the routine and enjoy trips. Seniors constantly sign up for trips, cruises and social activities since they no longer have the responsibility to work and raise a family. It is still necessary to find ways to enjoy the renewal of spirit and pleasure arrived from interaction and amusement in the later years.

We can all remember the enthusiasm we had after a special vacation. We talked about the sights we saw, the people we met and the different experiences. We still ponder over the photographs taken and reminisce. It still lifts our spirit when we look back.

It is so much more important today in the twilight of our years to revisit those places, whether in our memories or in reality, to feel the warmth and embrace of happy feelings of those good times.  

Linda Alessi is a weekly columnist for The Lebanon Democrat.

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