Watertown girl scouts create art for social workers

Xavier Smith • Apr 7, 2017 at 11:52 AM

Quality Center Rehab and Watertown Girl Scout Troop 923 teamed up to help thank local social workers in observance of National Professional Social Work Month.

Brent Jarreau, Quality Center director of community outreach, said he took a concept started from the center’s parent company and put a local twist with the help of the Watertown troop.

“I donated some art supplies to them and had our social worker, Sofi Birkey, come to the event and describe to the young ladies what a social worker does and how she impacts lives on an everyday basis,” Jarreau said.

The scouts used what they learned from Birkey, as well as personal experience, to create pieces of art and letters for social workers in the Middle Tennessee area. Jarreau combined the letters and pictures with Girl Scout cookies to create gift bags for the area’s social workers.

“It was really an amazing thing to see some of the things they drew. It was pretty touching,” Jarreau said.

Troop co-leader Shannon Burks said the project was a humbling and exciting experience.

“They were very enthusiastic about this. They did all they could to their hearts’ delight,” Burks said. “They had a blast.”

Jarreau and Burks said although the girls had fun with the project, they were impressed with the group’s ability to grasp a profession that can be complicated at times.

“Some of the things they drew and wrote were really heartfelt,” Jarreau said. “Things like ‘thanks for getting my Meme better,’ and those types of things really show the kind of impact these people have.”

“It brought a lot of warmth to my heart. I knew it was something that registered with them. It’s not always hearts and roses and it’s OK for them to know that. It was nice to see some of the stuff and know it was genuine,” Burks said.

Jarreau will continue to deliver the gift bags to local social workers across Middle Tennessee and said it has been a hit so far.

“The social workers have absolutely loved it,” he said. 

Burks and Bridget Burke serve as Troop 923 leaders.

Troop 923 members include: Brooklyn Burke, Emily Hight, Makenna Tyree, Braylen Burke, MacKenzie Oliver, Scarlett Mills, Carlee Stanley, Angel Forehand, Alice Pierce, Kayla Stanley, Riley Wakefield, Makayla Tyree, Natalie Kilzer, Savannah Lydon, Ciara Henley Taytum Thompson, Isabel Burks, Savannah Mathis, Haley Hughes, Breauna Burke and Trinity Patterson.

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