Town News talks 911 Board, Don Fox Park

Jacob Smith • Sep 29, 2017 at 2:04 PM

Representatives from the Wilson County 911 Board and the Don Fox Community Park renovation committee spoke Friday morning during the Lebanon-Wilson County Chamber of Commerce’s Town News.

Karen Moore, director of the Wilson County Emergency Communications District, spoke to the chamber about some of the things the Wilson County 911 Board have in the works.

According to Moore, the Wilson County branch is in a unique position in comparison to the rest of the state.

“What sets Wilson County 911 apart – and you’ve probably heard negative stuff from the media, but I tell you, it’s all positives – our board for years and years has been the only independent emergency communication district that has not relied on local funding,” said Moore. “There’s not anybody else in the state of Tennessee that can attest to that.”

Moore also gave the chamber some examples of how Wilson County 911 is able to handle the large amount of work it has.

“The other night, we had two operators working,” said Moore. “We had 76 calls on three wrecks on I-40. We only transferred three calls out. I know there’s a lot of talk about, ‘well, y’all transfer calls out,’ but we didn’t put that burden on our emergency responders. They were able to take care of their job while we continued to take those other 73 calls.”

Moore also talked about how callers can best help the 911 call takers do their jobs.

“The perfect call is for you to be able to tell us the exact location of the emergency,” said Moore. “Not where you’re at, but the emergency.”

David Hale, chairman of the Don Fox Park renovation committee, told the chamber about the work he and his committee have done to find a replacement playground for Don Fox Community Park.

“We’re really excited as a committee on the things that we’ve got going over there,” said Hale. “Twenty-two years ago, I was blessed to be involved in the original construction of that stockade playground that’s there. One of the things that we learned as a committee is that things that were relevant and exciting to us 22 years ago don’t apply anymore.”

Hale talked about receiving input from community members on what they felt were important features to include in the new park.

“One of our goals was to make a playground where all children could play together,” said Hale. “We heard a lady who came and spoke to the committee, and she said, ‘I have a child who doesn’t have any special needs and I have a special needs child, and the way things are at the park currently, there is playground equipment for my special needs child, but it’s not what my other child would like to play on.’”

The committee put together a proposed playground that would be built to allow special needs children and other children to be able to play together in the same location.

Lebanon Mayor Bernie Ash commented on Hale’s job putting together the park design.

“When I first met David, I was on the county commission, and he was the WEMA director,” said Ash. “I’ve learned that if you want something done, call David. That’s why when we decided to redo the Don Fox Park, my first thought was ‘I’m going to call David.’ As he said, he was on the original committee, and he’s done a fantastic job with this committee.”

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