Council approves park renovation plans, building fees

Xavier Smith • Aug 15, 2017 at 7:30 PM

The Lebanon City Council agreed Tuesday to accept the recommendation from the task force created to oversee renovations at Don Fox Community Park.

David Hale, task force chairman, said the new playground would accommodate children with and without special needs.

The playground would feature swing sets for children in wheelchairs, as well as special shaded areas with musical devices for children to play.

Due to special hybrid material used to build it, the proposed playground would be less expensive to maintain than the wooden one currently in use.

He said one goal of the group was to keep the castle frontage and renovate the rest of the playground.

The council approved up to $500,000 for renovations, repair, replacement and additions to the park’s infrastructure earlier this year.

The council also deferred action on a major annexation the Lebanon Planning Commission recommended for denial last month.

Ginger Dorris, Edward Bailey and Swingley and Smith requested annexation and zoning, plan of services and a future land-use plan amendment for 266 acres of land at 6775 Hickory Ridge Road, 2385 Martha-Leeville Road, 780 Highway 109 N. and 6775 and unaddressed property on Hickory Ridge Road.

Several neighboring residents voiced concerns about road width, implications of construction in the area and the density of the potential future development.

“It’s estimated that the worst-case scenario is this will generate about $1,500 worth of property tax a year for the city, with an estimated cost to serve it just under $1 million. So, there’s a 621-year payoff, and that’s a worse-case scenario,” City Planner Richard Donovan said last month. He called the move risky for the city. “Due to the lack for this annexation to pay for itself and the risk for the city, staff recommends denial.”

The council also approved impact fees for new development to help fund public service agencies.

The impact fees include $900 for new single-family residential units and $1,000 for multi-family residential unit, which will include townhomes, duplexes, apartments, condos and more. 

The council also approved a commercial building impact fee of 50 percent of the assessed building permit fee for commercial, retail and industrial facilities, hotels, motels and any other non-residential structure. 

New parking regulations relative to parking on city streets passed the council on first reading.

Under the resolution, whenever a vehicle without a driver is found parked or stopped in violation of any parking regulation, the officer will write down the license number and any other pertinent information and issue a citation.

Vehicles found parked or abandoned that obstruct the flow of traffic maybe deemed a safety risk and could be towed.

Lebanon Police Chief Mike Justice said the plan is to create and implement a policy, have new officers give warning to vehicle owners out in the community and educate the general public about the changes before the department issues citations. 

“It’s not our goal to start writing parking tickets all over town,” Justice said. 

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