Sherry’s run draws in support from thousands

Angie Mayes • Updated Sep 13, 2016 at 11:00 AM

More than 2,700 people, including 107 teams, joined together near the Mitchell House in Lebanon on Saturday morning for the 13th annual Sherry’s Run, a 5K to benefit those affected by cancer.

The highlight of the 13th annual Sherry’s Run event came after the runners crossed the finish line and the national anthem was sung by Carolyn Cathey. 

As supporters gathered around the stage, Sherry’s Run executive board chair Tonyia Stockton, announced an unprecedented gift from Drs. Neil Price, Mark Miller, Brett Inglis, and Elizabeth Lindsey with the Lebanon Endoscopy Center, as well as St. Thomas Gastroenterology of Lebanon.

Price and Miller completed the run just moments before presenting Sherry’s Run with a check for $300,000 to be given within the next five years. The gift was given in memory of Dr. Donald Cole, a local physician who died in April. He had dedicated the past 20 years to improving the quality of health care for the Wilson County community. 

“Dr. Cole build a tremendous practice here in this community, and we are honored to continue that work. Sherry’s Run meant so much to him. Words cannot express the gratitude we feel for this donation,” said Stockton. “This gift will impact thousands of lives for years to come.”

Tennova Healthcare-Lebanon nurse Phyllis Maynard said Price and Miller “do a great job. It’s great to see people reaping the benefits of the donation. Cancer is a scary thing, but life goes on. There are bills to pay, and other things in life.”

In the absence of the traditional balloon release at the start of Sherry’s Run, Kaleb and Carson Cole released a single balloon in memory of the lives lost to cancer. 

The Blues Brokers provided entertainment during the day. The check presentation was followed with testimonials of family and friends of those who have lost their battle with cancer. 

Several teams were also recognized. The Frankie’s Playhouse won the team spirit award while Team Tennova won the plaque for the most participants on a single team. The Dixie Chickens and Roosters team won the best team T-shirt award. 

Aiden Britt was the overall winner with a time of 18:08. Hope Ilias was the female overall winner with a time of 19:40. Both runners are coached by Friendship Christian School cross-country coach Greg Armstrong. 

The mission of Sherry’s Run is “through faith and love create an environment for all those affected by cancer, which provides hope, knowledge, assistance, support and compassion.”

To learn more about Sherry’s Run, call 615-925-2592 or to refer someone who might qualify for assistance, call 615-925-9932 or visit sherrysrun.org.

See a full gallery of photos from the event here: GALLERY: 13th Annual Sherry’s Run.

13th annual Sherry’s Run winners

Female Overall: Hope Ilias, 19:40.

Male Overall: Aiden Britt, 18:08.


Female Masters (40 and older): Ashlee Chance, 21:59.

Male Masters (40 and older): Don Poston, 19:19.


Female, 9 and under: Elizabeth Thompson, 37:46; Taylor Bray, 47:08

Male, 9 and under: Braden Broomfield, 23:09; Logan Cowan, 31:44


Female, 10-14: Alyssa Dickerson, 24:08; Elizabeth Stahl, 24:23; Ansley McNutt, 26:22.

Male, 10-14: Alex Galligan, 21:00; Joe Braydon Roberts, 21:36; Caden Baird, 22:42.


Female, 15-19: Nacole Stone, 23:38; Ashlyn Pittman, 23:58; Marti Taylor, 25:35.
Male, 15-19: Cole Hunter, 21:30; Adam Husseini, 26:05; Connor Smiley, 27:01.


Female, 20-24: Alex Thayer, 26:22; Emilie Prindiville, 27:20; Katie Porter, 28:40.

Male, 20-24: Hunter Christian, 20:55; Christian Brandy, 23:50; Matt Baines, 24:52.


Female, 25-29: Ashley Hadlock, 23:33; Margaret Massengille, 24:24; Kayla Hawkins, 25:59.

Male, 25-29: Jason Thompson, 23:02; Matthew Thomas, 23:12; Lamar Moore, 24:07.


Female, 30-34: Ginny Patterson, 22:32; Amanda White, 22:44; Megan McDonald, 23:56.

Male, 30-34: Andrew Gebhart, 21:27; Joe Armistead, 24:09l Adam Groshans, 27:05.


Female, 35-39: Candice White, 24:41; Felicia Gannon, 27:07; Samantha Hutcherson, 27:13.

Male, 35-39: James Avery, 20:50; Ryan Martin, 23:11; Jerry Wilson, 23:14.


Female, 40-44: Kelly McGuire, 23:50; Dee Reynolds, 23:58; Priscilla Bankston, 27:15.

Male, 40-44: Andrew Head, 20:22; Jerett Cushing, 21:35; James Seay, 23:37.


Female, 45-49: Kathryn Daley, 24:02; Tracy Bullard, 26:17; Jona Fitts, 28:48.

Male, 45-49: Thomas Baker, 21:22; Dwayne Novak, 21:23; Craig Stewart, 21:38.


Female, 50-54: Deana Reynolds, 26:00; Jo Ann Hardy, 26:08; Janice Smith, 27:03.

Male, 50-54: Jeff Brown, 21:46; Michael O’Connor, 22:38; John Beardsley, 25:28.


Female, 55-59: Becky Keigley, 30:45; Susan Joy, 31:40l Tricia Culver, 32:53.

Male, 55-59: Tommy Nettleton, 21:30; Hal Parrott, 24:01; Timothy Walker, 24:24.


Female, 60-64: Connie Estep, 29:17; Carolyn Corlew, 29:39; Debbie Melani, 29:49.

Male, 60-64: Gary Maggart, 25:21; Randy Hudgins, 25:55; Stephen Alligood, 28:55.


Female, 65-69: Carolyn Margrave, 36:33, Wanda Rhudy, 38:33; Sue Street, 40:03.

Male, 65-69: Ken Davis, 24:50; Terry Harville, 32:54; Stephen Roush, 35:40.


Female, 70-74: Kathy Jones, 37:23; Lucy Sanders, 38:49; Gladys Cadena, 43:43

Male, 70-74: Nelson Armstrong, 35:05; Wynne Baker, 37:49; Ralph Hale, 39:59.


Female, 75-79: Susanna Orr, 50:30; Judy Allen, 51:26; Bonnie Pino, 58”49.


Male, 75-79: Haywood Barry, 38:50.


Male, 80-98: Guillermo Cadena, 58:58.

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