Crossfitters to run down Main Street in tutus on New Year’s Day

Jacob Smith • Dec 22, 2017 at 3:29 PM

New Year’s Day is sure to hold plenty of festivities and activities throughout Wilson County; a sight that will be worth seeing will be two Lebanon crossfitters running down West Main Street in tutus and tank tops.

Brian Fussell and Tony Walls lost a bet with Bill Walker and Mark Crawford that their two-person crossfit team would outperform the other in a competition at Talon Crossfit in Franklin. Instead of a normal monetary bet, though, the teams came up with something a little different.

“Instead of money, we came up with a consequence,” said Crawford. “On Jan. 1, they’ll be doing their workout in pink tutus and tank tops. They’ll be running down West Main, too. That’s sure to be a show.”

The group will all do their workouts together at 10 a.m. at IMA Crossfit-Integrated Martial Arts Academy. Fussell and Walls will do a choreographed dance before it starts, as well. Walker said anyone who wants to come watch or participate in the workout is welcome to join them.

“We have people come in and just do drop-ins,” said Crawford. “So they’ll just try it out for a day.”

For more information on the group, visit IMA Crossfit’s Facebook page at facebook.com/IMACrossFit.

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