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Larry Woody • Oct 3, 2017 at 8:30 AM

Deer disease: The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency continues to monitor reported outbreaks of Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease, also known as “Blue Tongue.”

EHD occurs naturally, and eventually runs its course. It can take a heavy toll on the deer population in areas where it occurs, but the population eventually recovers.

EHD is different from another deer disease, Chronic Wasting Disease, which has impacted herds in several states but so far has not been found in Tennessee. CWD is fatal, and once it infects a herd there is no known permanent cure.

To prevent CWD from being introduced into Tennessee, the TWRA has strict guidelines about importing venison and hides from states in which CWD exists. The regulations are listed in the Tennessee Hunting & Trapping Guide.

Doves down: The TWRA reports 1,503 doves killed in Middle Tennessee during the Sept. 1 opening day, about half of last year’s harvest. State-wide, the opening-day total was 11,600.

Youth deer hunt: The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency’s annual Free Youth Hunt will be held Saturday, Oct. 28 in Humphries County.

Thirty youngsters will be selected to participate. Applicants must be age 10-16, and never have killed a deer. They must be hunter-certified.

A Friday night cookout will precede the hunt.

To register call Don Hosse at 615-781-6541 or visit tnwildlife.org

Deer processing: With deer archery season underway, hunters are reminded about the Hunters for the Hungry program in which they can donate part or all of a deer to be processed for the needy.

Among the participants is the Lebanon Locker on Market Street.

For more information on the program, and participating processors, visit tnwildlife.org or the Tennessee Wildlife Federation website.

Fishing regulations:  The 2018-19 fishing regulations were finalized at last week’s meeting of the Tennessee Fish & Game Commission, with no major changes involving Middle Tennessee waters.

The regulations will be posted on tnwildlife.org and in the Tennessee Fishing Guide, published later this year.

Perfect score: Kerry Hale shot another perfect round of 50 during last week’s trap shoot at the Cedar City Gun Club.

Alexis Franck led the Cedar City Straights intercollegiate shooters with a 45 and John Hess took Senior honors, also with a 45.

For information about Gun Club activities or the Cedar City Straights interscholastic trap-shooting team, contact Hale at 615-519-2934.




Aug. 26: squirrel season

Sept. 1: dove season

Oct. 14-27: fall turkey season

Nov. 4-17: muzzleloader season

Nov. 18: deer gun season


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