Letter to the Editor: Why can’t Mt. Juliet have a nicer senior center?

Staff Reports • Updated Aug 26, 2017 at 5:00 PM

To the Editor:

Charlie Daniels Park has lovely tennis courts, a large community center, a play area for children, some ball fields and a well-maintained walking path. There are several small parks for bike riding and Frisbee playing. 

There are attractive potted trees along Belinda Parkway and now some metal boxes, housing I don’t know what, around town are wrapped with pictures of various businesses, churches and schools. Mowers and landscapers are constantly keeping Mt. Juliet appealing to our eyes.

It is a known fact that senior citizens need companionship and socialization to maintain good mental health. They also need exercise of various kinds to maintain good physical health. 

Every year, the Mt. Juliet Senior Activity Center increases its membership. The building is overflowing with enthusiastic, active people who are enjoying their retirement years by engaging in drama, music, a variety of card games, horseshoes, bingo and, of course, some well-prepared lunches and occasional pot luck meals.

The one thing that is lacking is space and not enough money to provide this space. Many members are on limited incomes, and the center recognizes this by charging little in membership dues. 

Isn’t there some way the city of Mt. Juliet or Wilson County or some businesses or concerned citizens can fund a larger building for the older citizens of Mt. Juliet who pay their property taxes, sales taxes, shop the stores and restaurants in the area and contribute to the prosperity of Mt. Juliet?

Ann Lucas

Mt. Juliet


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