Letter to the Editor: Public spaces no hate zones

Staff Reports • Updated Apr 25, 2018 at 1:30 PM

To the Editor:

Six months ago on Oct. 28, people from across Tennessee met in Shelbyville to stand up to a demonstration by several racist hate groups. They are well funded, organized and politically protected. They recruit young impressionable people into their ranks by conning them into thinking that nonwhite or non-Christian people are to blame for their misfortune.

Now, six months later on April 28, we will go to Montgomery Bell State Park to confront them again. If they show up, and we do not, they tell their recruits that we are afraid and they interpret fear as a sign of weakness. So we will show up, just like Shelbyville.

This time, it is also because they are meeting on public land in our Tennessee State Parks. They will probably have weapons of some kind, and we will have our voices and our signs. But the police will protect us and do a superb job of keeping order. Just like Shelbyville.

And when they show up in public again, anywhere in Tennessee, we will be there to resist those who would spread hate, fear and prejudice. Just like Shelbyville.  

David Clark 



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