Letter to the Editor: Prejudice drawn by political leaning

Staff Reports • Updated May 2, 2018 at 3:00 PM

To the Editor:

In the last few months, we the people have learned a lot about what is and is not permissible in the areas of prejudice and discrimination. 

I recently read a news story about a New York judge who ruled it is permissible for a business to discriminate against people who support the president of the United States because political viewpoint is not protected by the Constitution. We have seen uniformed police officers refused service in restaurants because workers there were either offended by the officer’s firearms or, in some cases, the worker simply did not like the police. And apparently this is acceptable because the left does not like the police, as a rule.  

We have seen uniformed officers denied the use of a coffee shop restroom because they were not “paying customers.” And again, this is OK because it was a posted “store policy.” But when two non-white customers run afoul of that same store policy in one of the same coffee chain’s businesses, it is a cause for national hysteria.  Then, when the police took these two people into custody when they refused to leave as directed, just as you or I would have been, the national meltdown began.  

As we watch the Senate approval process for judges and other governmental jobs, and we regularly see liberal senators tell nominees that they are not acceptable for the job because they are Christian, we have to be concerned. Can you imagine the uproar if a conservative senator told a Jew, Muslim or, horror of horrors, a black nominee they could not serve because of their religion or skin color? But apparently it is acceptable to the left to say this to a Christian.  

It kind of seems apparent that liberal demoncrats have an approved list of who it is proper to be prejudiced against and to discriminate against. Perhaps they can publish this so we the people no longer run afoul of the “approved” list.

Roy Denney


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