Mae Beavers announces candidacy for Wilson County mayor

Staff Reports • Jun 22, 2018 at 7:15 PM

After decades of service at the county commission and state Senate and House levels, Mae Beavers announced she is a candidate for mayor of Wilson County. 

“It has become increasingly clear that Wilson County needs a leader who is not afraid to make the hard decisions needed to address the problems Wilson County is facing. I am prepared to bring a fresh vision and provide the proven leadership required to move our community forward,” said Beavers.

Beavers ran for county commission after a $2 million shortfall in the school budget of Wilson County. While on the commission, she introduced the 1981 Financial Management Act and brought accountability to the taxpayers of the county. She also introduced a school building program to the county that saved taxpayers money. Beavers fought for financial accountability, and under her leadership, the county built new schools without tax increases. 

“I feel that we need leadership at the county level to make sure our tax dollars are being spent efficiently. My decades of experience running a small business, as a member of the county commission and service in the state legislature have prepared me to lead Wilson County in the right direction,” said Beavers.

“I want to also make sure that all areas of the county are fairly represented on all committees, boards and commissions and that government respects its citizens when they appear before one of those boards or commissions.”

Beavers said she took the same leadership skills and conservative values she demonstrated at the county level with her to the state legislature. Beavers served for eight years in the state House and an additional 15 years as state senator. While serving at the state level, Beavers was vice chair of the Transportation Committee for more than a decade. She was successful in bringing road projects to Wilson County, such as the widening of Highway 141, Mt. Juliet Road interchange and widening of Mt. Juliet Road, Beckwith Road interchange, State Route 109 widening, State Route 109 bridge at the Sumner County line, widening of Interstate 40, starting the process for the approval of the Central Pike interchange, a study on the widening of Highway 70 from the Mt. Juliet City limits to State Route 109 and many other projects for Wilson, Clay, Macon, Smith, DeKalb and Cannon counties. She also served for six years as Judiciary Committee chair, where she worked on judicial ethics. 

While in the House, Beavers led the fight to kill a proposed income tax in Tennessee, passed the first bill to reduce the sales tax on food, voted against the gas tax while having a $2 billion surplus, supported a property tax freeze for seniors and co-sponsored legislation to eliminate the gift tax and death tax, as well as the Hall state income tax. 

As a state legislator, Beavers said she fought to control wasteful spending and hold the line on unnecessary taxes. She said her leadership skills and determined pursuit of her conservative principles and accountability earned her the nickname, “Tennessee’s Iron Lady,” and she’s pledged to do the same as county mayor. 

“I pledge to control spending in Wilson County, provide school solutions that make financial sense, make sure we fund teachers’ raises, police and emergency services, while addressing roads and infrastructure needs,” said Beavers.

“If you have any questions or would like to help with our campaign, please contact us at [email protected] or call 615-406-9151. You may also sign up at maeBeavers.com and receive our newsletters.”

Beavers challenged incumbent Wilson County Mayor Randall Hutto for the office in the Aug. 2 Wilson County General Election. Early voting will be July 13-28.

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